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Later History

The information below relates to the English Province only. To learn more about Little Company of Mary Sisters around the world, please visit our global website: www.lcmsisters.org

1877 - Hyson Green foundation opened in Nottingham, it closed in 1922.

1880 - Foundation opened in Quorndon, Loughborough, Eastwell, Leicestershire and Osgodby, Lincolnshire. They all closed in l886/7.

1882 - Foundation established in Melton-Mowbray, Leicestershire.

1883 - First nursing home of the LCM opened in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. It closed in 1886/7.

1886 - Mary returned to Nottingham and stayed there for 3 months, during that time the first Ceremony of the Final Profession took place on 15th December 1886. Bishop Bagshawe came And celebrated Mass and received the final vows of Mother Mary Potter and her first four Companions, Mother Philip, Mother Magdalen, Mother Agnes and Mother Cecelia.

1896 - Foundation opened in Commercial Road, London, closed in 1933.

1897 - Foundation opened in Isleworth, London, closed in 1922.

1898 - Home for unmarried mothers opened in Charlotte Street, London, closed in 1911.

1899 - Novitate in Isleworth London established, closed 1922.

1911 - Foundation established at St. John’s Wood, London, closed in 1951.

1919 - Foundation established in Edinburgh, Scotland at St. Raphael’s N/N

1922 - Foundation established at Hillingdon Court, London. Closed in 1948.

1922 - Foundation opened in West Bridgford in Nottingham. Closed in 1930.

1928 - Foundation in Edinburgh begins admitting civilian patients as well as ex-servicemen.

1930 - Foundation in Woodthorpe, Nottingham Nursing Home.

1933 - Foundation established in St. Leonard’s-on-sea, England, closed on 1968.

1936 - Foundation established in Dollis Hill, London. Closed in 1968.

1939 - Foundation opened in Crowborough, Nottingham, closed in 1950.

1948 - Foundation opened in Harrow, Middlesex . Closed in 1978

1950 - Foundation opened in Worthing, London, closed in 1960.

1968 - Foundation established in Liverpool, Eaton Road (community nursing), closed in 2001.

1968 - Foundation opened in Mattock Lane, Ealing. Closed in 2009.

1970 - Foundation established at 6 Marlborough Road, Nottingham, closed in 2000.

1977 - Foundation established at St. Joseph’s now St. Gerard’s, Liverpool, closed in 1966.

1978 - Foundation opened in Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex (retirement community).

1978 - Foundation established in Blakesley Avenue, Ealing.

1981 - Foundation opened in Bulwell, Nottingham, closed in 1988.

1982 - Negotiations begin to redevelop St. Raphael’s hospital in Edinburgh to concentrating on the elderly which is complete in 1986. At this point new ministries for Sisters radically emerge; eg in Parishes, hospice home care, prison and care for elderly in new forms.

1983 - Foundation established in Cardiff, Wales (sisters withdrew August), closed in 2005.

1987 - Foundation opened in Beaufort Road, Surrey, closed in 1992.

1993 - Foundation established in Albania (Korce). Sisters withdrew Mary Potter Clinic still Functioning financed by English Province.

1999 - Foundation established at 3 Marlborough Road, Nottingham.

2001 - Foundation established at The Bryceway, Liverpool.

2003 - Foundation established in Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing (Provincial Office).

2004 - Foundation established in Cathedral House, Nottingham.




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