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The Little Company of Mary was founded by Venerable Mary Potter in Nottingham on the 2nd July 1877. The infant community came to birth when four companions joined her in a disused stocking factory in the village of Hyson Green, Nottingham.

From there the Congregation has spread to several countries and the Sisters work with many different cultures.

Her followers carry on Mary Potter’s vision by making visible Christ’s healing love by prayer, presence and compassion and by endeavouring to create a world in which every human person-and particularly those who are dying and marginalized receive the care and love they need to become whole in body, mind and spirit. 

Mary Potter is buried in the Cathedral, here in Nottingham. 

In an effort to safeguard the heritage of Mary Potter this Heritage Centre is set-up here in Nottingham. This house will be a place of reflection where people can come and visit and get to know this wonderful woman who gave dignity to the poor and suffering of Hyson Green over one hundred and thirty three years ago.

We thank Venerable Mary Potter and the Founding Sisters for their commitment to “Doing justice wherever they were” in their compassion for the poor, the suffering, the sick and dying.



Mary Potter
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